Caribbean Vacations: Picking the Perfect Caribbean Season

Many vacationers assume with its tropical climate, the Caribbean doesn’t have seasons, but this is not the reality of the situation. In fact, there are five distinctive seasons that influence the type of crowds, prices and accommodations you are likely to find at any given time of year.

High Season

By far the most popular, and thereby the most crowded, the High Season in the Caribbean starts in mid-December and continues on through mid-April. Accommodations are at a premium and often are booked solid far in advance. An adult crowd prevails because of the premium prices, making it the ideal time for romantic getaways and honeymoons. During the High Season, everything is open for business and all the attractions vie for tourists’ attention with their most lavish touches and perks ranging from sunset yacht cruises with a gourmet chef to brunch in a hot air balloon.

Low Season

For the budget minded, the summer months are the perfect time to take on the Caribbean because the rates hit rock bottom. Although the temperatures are a bit warmer and tropical storms kick up from time to time, the younger crowds flock to the beach side cabanas and jungle hostels to soak up the cheap prices and laid back atmosphere. While it is much easier to get reservations in hotels and restaurants, there is also the chance you’ll find many places closed for the season. Adventure tours and water sports activities stay up and running, though, with great deals on package excursions and private expeditions.

Shoulder Season

In late spring and early fall, the mood changes yet again in the Caribbean, making it an ideal time for couples and young families with children not yet in school. The rates maintain an average between the High and Low seasons and the crowds fade away, giving the islands a quieter mood that makes for relaxing getaways. However, places like St. Thomas, Aruba and Montego Bay maybe hard to book because many of high-end resorts shut down for renovations.


Holiday Season

During the Christmas holidays, the Caribbean hit a fever pitch and prices soar to the max. Personal service is out the door, but the delights are worth the inconvenience if you have made your reservations well in advance and have the resources to enjoy the break from the winter chill. After January 3rd, the atmosphere begins to settle down but even celebrities find themselves turned away during the holiday peak season.

Hurricane Season

The absolute cheapest time to visit the Caribbean is from the first of July through the end of November, the official hurricane season for the tropics. This turbulent atmosphere draws the daredevil crowd to the Caribbean who thrives on thrills.

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